Whale Tale

This is a project that Republic of Everyone is working on at the moment. The idea is that there were 551 killed by Japanese Whaling ships this year. We are helping the Int. Fund for Animal Welfare to raise awareness of this issue and the profile of Whale Day which happens on June 14th 2008. Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil fame is the Australian Minister for the Environment and he will be launching Whale Day in Sydney at the Maritime Museum. Check out the facebook site here and please join and do a whale tale pic…..

Apologies for the lack of postings in the last few weeks. The reason is as usual that things have been a tad busy. The main reason for that is because tomorrow myself and my business partner Ben will launch our new agency Republic of Everyone. Here is the first bit of media in the Aussie trade mag Ad News:

I wrote to Brent Shulkin to wish him luck and he sent me this very nice reply:

Thanks Matt!
Your site looks awesome. Thanks for the blog post too…you can
consider embedding this vid too:


It’s a bit better than the CBS one…someone else in Newcastle just
emailed me today and requested that I put up a page for Australians
interested in getting something going, so I put up this page:
it’s part of a list of regions:

so if you want to leave a comment there with some info you can be
connected to anyone else in the area who’s interested too. I’m putting
you on a list of resources in the area. Thanks again!

Cheers Brent….See you in Oz for a Carrot Mob one day soon,

Check out this which is a very interesting way in which consumer demand can drive change. Essentially this is again about using the power of social media to drive a collective conscience to make things happen. It is also a very clever way of turning the profit driver on its head by driving customers to stores/brands that commit to becoming more sustainable…very very clever and lots of fun.

Check out here and here for how the idea has capyured some attention.

Today is a ground breaking watershed day for me on lots of fronts. In The Australian Marketing and Media Section there is a piece about Carbon Reporting on communication channels.

Comms Channels and carbon emissions

That is really interesting because now the carbon cost is being directly linked to communications in a way that it never has before. Once the Carbon Trading Scheme comes into play then it really does shift the sustainability agenda from fringe to business critical for advertisers.

This week HAVAS launched a piece of research into sustainability and the consumer. They complimented this with the launch of a blog called Think Green which could be interesting. So we now have a whole global shift which putting sustainability reporting and accountability into the marketing agenda.

What else caught my eye. Ah yes the pitch for Tourism Australia. Lara Sinclair has also written a piece in The Australian about how important innovation is going to be at attracting people to Australia. Putting aside for one moment the issue of the Carbon impact of flying to the otherside of the world. What she is highlighting is that sustainable tourism and unique experiences are central to the future tourists decision making processes.

Here is a very cool idea that Lara talked about….

That’s all for now folks.

If you ever wanted to find out what someone thought of your brand or you were doing some research into what people though of other brands check this out….http://www.brandtags.net/